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eSET: We Speak Tech

Speak the language and you can maneuver around any foreign country. Not only can you communicate but you can understand the most curious directions, appreciate the regional accents and decode the jargon.
Entertainment technology can be like a foreign country and if you want to be a fluent speaker of its language you have to learn the grammar, syntax and jargon that the locals know.

eSET is the most efficient way to learn the language of live entertainment technology, to understand and to be understood. With over 2000 terms associated with the industry, eSET will guide you to the information you need to know. Covering virtually every discipline within live entertainment technology, eSET was developed by industry leaders to help build a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the future of the industry.

eSET provides the user with a searchable database, downloadable assessments and discipline-specific PDF’s that help you direct your learning, covering what you have to know today and need to know tomorrow. The database will be continually updated. See sample terms and assessments.

 eSET: Ready for today, prepared for tomorrow


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