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Mid-Atlantic Technical Training Week

January 29 - February 2, 2007 - 10am - 5pm - Prince George's Community College in Largo, MD (12 miles from Washington D.C.)

Sponsored by The ESTA Foundation's Seminars and Training Committee and Theatre & Entertainment Technology at Prince George's Community College.
Presenter - Richard Cadena, Richard Wolpert, Steve Irwin and Vicki Claiborne

DC Technical Training Week '07 is a five-day schedule of courses for lighting designers, programmers, technicians, and electricians. You can register for the full week of courses or individual days.

The schedule of classes is as follows:

Monday, January 29 and Tuesday, January 30: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Entertainment Electrician Seminar
If you’d like to sharpen your Electrical Skills and learn more about how electricity works, then the Entertainment Electrician Training Seminar is what you’re looking for. This seminar will help you understand the concepts of electrical theory, power distribution, maintenance and troubleshooting, and documentation including lighting plots, riser diagrams, panel schedules and shop orders. Understanding the fundamentals is key to the success of the entertainment electrician, and this seminar is packed with information and concepts to help advance your career.

Learn about such concepts as: AC and DC electricity, Ohm’s law, phase angles, three-phase power, how to balance three-phase loads, dimming (including conventional and sine wave dimming), and harmonics. Understand the operation of test equipment including: VOM, Amp probes, ground testing, DMX testing, CAT5 and Ethernet testing.

Learn about: power distribution systems, power ratings, feeder transformers, specifications, single phase and three-phase connections, feeder cable, disconnects, overcurrent protection, circuit breakers, branch circuits, multicore cables, breakouts, connectors, terminations, grounding, GFCI, calculating loads, types of loads, balancing loads, and electrical safety.

Get an overview of: lighting controllers, data distribution systems, data termination, design and installation methods, networks, conventional and automated luminaries. Learn about maintenance and troubleshooting techniques and documentation.

This seminar is an excellent review for the practicing entertainment electrician as well as a primer for the aspiring electrician. It has enough detail and information to challenge the experienced among us but presented in such a way as to convey useful concepts to the less experienced with a minimum amount of math and complexity.

Richard Cadena is the author of Focus on Lighting Technology (2002, Entertainment Technology Press) and Automated Lighting: The Art and Science of Moving Light in the Theatre, Live Performance, Broadcast and Entertainment (2006, Focal Press). He is also a freelance designer and the editor of PLSN magazine. His background in electrical engineering and his entertaining communication skills combine to make his seminars a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

Wednesday, January 31: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Basic Electricity for Theatre and Stage Power Distribution
This course will cover basic concepts of electricity and how it relates to power distribution in the entertainment industry. It will include the theory and practice of entertainment power distribution; survey of the equipment; cabling, routines; safety considerations, and regulatory issues. With the help of actual equipment (such as a disconnect, lunchbox, cables and connectors, etc), examples and graphic diagrams, Rich Wolpert of Union Connector will demonstrate the typical power sources (company switch, portable distros, etc.). He will also demonstrate the cables and connectors typical to such a system, how to safely connect to them, and how to identify and correct safety problems. There will be a discussion on equipment evaluation and what to look for when purchasing or renting equipment. A selection of essential tools will be demonstrated along with recommendations on what should be in every electrical worker’s tool kit. Bring your questions, problems and samples of equipment if you have any. The course will include a lecture, followed by a question and answer session, and some hands-on work.

Taught by Richard Wolpert, Union Connector. Richard is the president of Union Connector Co., Inc., a 76 year -old manufacturing company that specializes in electrical power distribution equipment used in entertainment lighting and sound applications. Richard is a third-generation co-owner of Union Connector with over twenty five years of experience in designing and building everything from 20 Amp connectors to 2000 Amp power distribution centers. Originally educated as a Science teacher, Richard worked in education and the oil industry before returning to the family business as a design engineer. In his tenure with Union Connector, Richard was instrumental in the development of ground-breaking products such as the industry standard Company Switch, the Emergency Transfer system, and the SafeCam System among others.


Thursday, February 1 AND Friday, February 2, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Jands Vista Console Training
This one-day course will include basic programming and operation of the Jands Vista Lighting Console. This course is intended for persons with little to no experience with the Vista series of consoles. Students work in teams of two per console using either cutting-edge simulation programs to visualize their rig or sometimes real lighting rigs. The structured curriculum consists of state of the art presentation materials as well as hands on exercises. Students will leave the class with a working knowledge of the Jands Vista operating system. After this class they will have the ability to setup and program a simple show using all the common techniques learned in the seminar. Seminar highlights include: patching, programming using pen tablet, powerful transitions in timeline views, easy step by step playback, use of FX engines, and other advanced options, and the download and use of the PC version called VistaPC.

Taught by Steve Irwin, Show Training Network. Steve has been providing lighting design services to the corporate theater and entertainment industries for over 25 years. He has excelled in design and pre-programming abilities including items such as WYSIWYG and the Wholehog II. In fact, Steve and his brothers co-created the very popular Wysiwyg Tutorial that is available from CAST Lighting. Steve has been amongst the earliest user of the Wholehog II lighting work station even taking first delivery in the United States. Since then he has taught countless others to use many of these powerful industry tools. He has also gone on to develop much of the North American training materials and classes for the Jands Vista line of consoles.Steve's long list of credits include corporate, theatrical, and live musical performances.


Martin Maxxyz Console Training
This course includes a basic introduction to the use of the Maxxyz lighting console. Beginning level topics range from patching, building and playing cues, topresets, groups, building chases, simple effects, playback functions, working with MSD Visualizer, using effects, and backing up the show. Students will leave the class with working knowledge of the Maxxyz console. Seminar highlights includ: 1. How to program the Maxxyz console including setting up the console, fixture selections, building presets, effects and cues, use of advanced timing and various options for playback of your show; 2. How the Maxxyz interfaces with the Martin Show Designer Visualization software (internal to Maxxyz); 3. How to use Maxxyz/Martin Show Designer Fast Focus tools to speed up your programming; and 4. How to integrate the Maxxyz wing options and remote programming.

Taught by programming expert Vickie Claiborne. Vickie is a freelance Lighting Programmer and Control Systems Training Instructor. After 10 years with High End Systems, she left in 2004 to pursue her career as an independent programmer and training consultant. Her training courses include Maxxyz and HogiPC as well as media servers including Maxedia and Catalyst. Recent projects include programming for The Eagles, Stars on Ice, and PBS television show Austin City Limits. Her contact information is available at

The courses will be held at:
PGCC Campus
Queen Anne Fine Arts Building
301 Largo Rd.
Largo, MD 20774

$1000.00/ full week or $225.00/day

ESTA, IATSE, USITT members: $950.00/ full week or $215.00/day. (To take advantage of this discount, you must download the PDF Registration Form and submit it along with proof of membership for IATSE and USITT members.)

Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided daily.

A block of rooms has been set aside for attendees at the Hampton Inn, I-95 Largo. Let them know you are attending the Mid Atlantic Technology Training Week. Rooms are $102 per night any time between 1/28 and 2/3. Contact info is 301-499-4600, fax 301-499-0536 or Hampton Inn, I-95 Largo

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